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Diy circuits - notebook 

This is a hand-written DIY synth manual, which I've written in style of Forest Mims' circuit scrapbook, as part of the course I was teaching. 

You can find here variety of circuits, which could be useful when designing your own eurorack modules as well as simple 9V-operated circuits. 

I tried to condense all of the information as much as I could, but quite often I ended up on the other side of a rabbit hole.

Please, beware: I'm no engineer, I'm a self- taught maker and I often make mistakes! so don't be surprised if you see one. Do let me know tho :) 

You can find here:
-  descriptions and uses of electronic components, including fancy ICs (delay IC, VCO, VCA, OTA, etc) 
- transistor circuits, including: buffers, transistor ladders, discrete VCOs and VCAs
- circuits which implement Control Voltage, 
- op-amps - rules and circuits useful when designing eurorack modules,
-  some confusing terminology (AC/DC coupling and all that jazz), 
- diode circuits (including distortion types)
- some troubleshooting techniques and PCB design rules.

PS. The PDF will be sent to you directly after the purchase :)

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