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DTO - Delayed Twin Oscillator

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DTO stands for Delayed Twin Oscillator. It’s a continuation of the Motherfucker effect pedal, except that it’s stereo and contains much more elements.
The features include:
1. Two Voltage controlled oscillators (square waves)

1a. Toggle switch for high range (VCO mode) and low range (LFO mode); 1b. Modulation switch:

left position: osc does frequency modulation of opposite oscillator;

right position: osc does amplitude modulation of opposite oscillator; 1c. FM CV input;


1d. Glide/portamento – switches between ‘staccato’ and ‘legato’ mode; 1e. FM – sets the amount of Frequency Modulation;
1f. Freq – set the pitch;

2. Two Voltage controlled amplifiers:

2a. VCA Control Voltage input;

2b. Volume knob (act as attenuator on incoming CV);

3. Dual Delay Effect

3a. Input


3b. Output
3c. Delay Length
3d. Feedback Delay
3e. Delay Control Voltage (vactrol]

You can play around with the oscillators while having the inputs engaged. There’s plenty of ways you can play around with the DTO, a lot of them are explored in the video. You don’t need to know much about eurorack, or control voltage, but if you want to you can easily implement external voltage control.

It runs on 9VDC positive centre power supply which is not included.

free shipping above 200 gbp

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