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 dual Cem 3340 Vco

The module is loosely based on infamous Thomas Henry's VCO Maximus. This version is dual and doesn't include the octaver section (which you can buy separately - dual version) as well as PWM section.

 The cool thing about this particular module is its WILD frequency range (from sub to ultrasonic frequency). 





-> 12 HP

-> 20 mm deep

CV inputs:

-> linear FM

-> 1V/Oct (up to 10 octaves)

-> soft/hard sync


audio outputs:

->saw osc

-> triangle osc

-> unbuffered square - especially useful in tandem with the dual octaver module, which is great for divisions, polarity  and interval shifting. 


click on the image to get to the modular grid website! --->>>


free shipping above 200 gbp

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