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170 £

Triangle VGA sequencer is an unorthodox audio-video synthesiser. It consists of arduino for generating VGA signal, bunch of CMOS chips like: shift registers, frequency dividers, bilateral switches and phase locked loops. It’s noisy, unpredictable and very glitchy! It also contains envelope follower, so you can plug in an external audio input, which then modulates parameters of the R, G and B.

There are no rules in playing the triangle – the surface is magnetic, which allows you to combine variety of patterns via placing the magnets, create feedbacks between each colour/oscillator and unstable sequences. It contains two outputs – red and green, while blue controls the overall pitch of the sequencer.

It is also touch - sensitive so feel free to molest it! 

It has on / of toggle switches for each colour/oscillator as well as for their frequency range and three sliders for their frequency and controls for vertical and horizontal sync and clock oscillator. It has VGA output and runs on USB mini (which is included). What you see is what you hear ! It’s brute, it’s rude. it’s contingent and crude!

you get:
- av synth
-USB mini cable
- magnets


free shipping above 200 gbp

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