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Stereo lockhart Wavefolder

This is a stereo wavefolder, 10 hp. It can be quite distorted and brutal !

It's loosely based on nonlinear circuits wf core (Lockhart cells)

This stereo wavefolder allows you to achieve interesting stereo - folding effects even with very basic modulation.

Output 1 is normalised to the input 2- this allows you to use it as a single ten-fold wavefolder! 

When channels are used separately the module functions as dual 5-fold wavefolders.

CVs (fold and offset) from the left channel are normalised to the right channel - so you can use single source modulation for both wavefolders. 

It can sound quite brutal and distorted-10 folds is not nothing!


Perfect for mad panning, distortion effects and FM madness! 

teeeeeennnnnnnnnnnn fooooooooollllllldddd


click on the image to get to modular grid page!


free shipping above 200 gbp

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